Your search engine may be tracking you

Web users perform BILLIONS of searches a day. Many of these searches use several forms of tracking.

    Things Search Engines Track
  • Things you search for
  • Websites you visit
  • Videos you watch
  • Ads you click on or tap
  • Your location
  • Device information
  • IP address and cookie data

Start practicing safe searches

Privacy based search engines can help protect your search terms from being hacked or leaked

Intercept & Redirect

When we detect searches that may be tracked, we encrypt your search terms and redirect them through our private search engine.

Advanced Encryption

Using SSL and AES-256 encryption, we keep your search terms private and hidden both locally and on our servers.

Set as Default Search Engine
  1. Click Here to add us as a search engine
  2. You will be presented with this dialog: Install IE Search Engine
  3. Check the checkbox labeled Make this my default search provider
  4. Click the Add button.