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25 April 2019

Free Privacy Software

by Shield Your Info

Free and open source tools are the most trusted and respected privacy tools available. Since anyone can view the source code behind them, these tools are held to a higher standard than private and paid, for-profit options. We've shared a number of privacy tools before, but this list is focused on free options.

File & Network Encryption

Encryption is arguably the best way to keep data secure on the internet. These tools will help you encrypt your internet connection and the files that you have both on your device and stored online.

Ad Blockers

The ads you see online are often determined by your past browsing behavior, and then when they load on the website you're on they may contain additional tracking scripts. These require additional bandwidth and could be slowing down your browsing. Blocking ads will clean up your internet experience and get rid of annoying distractions.

Private Browsers

These browsers have built-in ad and tracker blockers and other built-in privacy features. Google Chrome, for example, collects information about your internet behavior and then collects that information into your data profile. These browsers are just one tool in your privacy toolkit, but since all of your internet activity comes through your browser it's plays a vital role.

Free Private Email Services

Private email services generally use encryption to keep the contents of your emails hidden from anyone besides your intended recipient. These providers will keep your emails more private than more popular email providers like Gmail or Outlook. You could set up your own email server with added privacy protections, but that's a time consuming and often expensive process that in the end may not deliver the privacy you’re looking for.

Password Managers

In almost every case, your password is the first line of defense from preventing hackers from accessing your data. You should use long, complex passwords to make cracking your login as difficult as possible. These complicated passwords are difficult to remember, which is why a password manager is an essential tool. Read More: The Best Password Manager & Generator Tools

Spyware Removal

If you computer has already been compromised, or you're noticing strange things happening, you should use a spyware detection and removal tool. These tools maintain lists of the most current and common malware threats so your system stays as secure as possible.

Legality of Privacy Tools

In most countries, using tools to protect your privacy is totally legal. However, under some authoritarian regimes VPNs and other privacy measures are actually illegal. Because internet privacy promotes free speech and transfer of information, governments that suppress free speech often block these tools to maintain control of political discourse and criticism. tags: