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14 May 2019

Don't Worry About Hiding Your Digital Footprint, Just Use A Separate Online Identity

by Shield Your Info

Staying private online is not an easy task. If you want to use the internet as yourself, meaning you log in to any website you visit and use your real contact info, it can be impossible to keep that information private. One alternative to worrying about keeping your identity private online is to simply create an alternative identity to isolate yourself from your web browsing.

Create a Fake Internet Identity

Rather than trying to hide from the websites you visit, you can visit them as someone completely different. Set up a fake identity so that your "data-profiles" on websites that track you will be inaccurate or incomplete. Whenever you go online, rather than using your real name, always use your 'fake' identity. Companies that track you may have more than just the data that they themselves collect. They can buy up your data from other sources about your credit history and other personal data. This method of protecting your identity is about clouding the waters, less than keeping your identity anonymous. You are essentially creating a bunch of noise to try to confuse the companies that are tracking you and your browsing.

Don't Leak Your Identity

If you're logged into your 'fake' Gmail or other account, but you log in to your personal banking account or your real Facebook account, that could link your browsing to your real identity. This is especially important because tracking has become so advanced and complex, that big tech companies can determine who you are very indirect and roundabout ways. Unfortunately much of our browsing is connected to some sort of identifying profile or account. You should avoid logging in at all, unless its completely necessary. tags: