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23 September 2019

How To Make Internet Privacy Sustainable

by Shield Your Info

Internet privacy is a touchy topic. Many of the opinions you will find online take strong stances against major internet companies like Google and Facebook. This is an intro.

Tech Needs to Focus on Ethics

This is a paragraph about ethical technology.

Tech Companies are Selectively Ethical

I'm not someone who thinks that all businesses are inherently evil, or that tech companies are run by evil robots.

Why Regulating Tech Companies Is So Difficult

The people in charge of regulating these companies have very little understanding of the actual functionality of these companies' products. The world of politics is always behind the world of tech, and any regulations will be outdated in just a few years.

Making Privacy Sustainable Makes The Internet Better

By creating an ecosystem that praises companies like Google for innovating despite ignoring people's requests for privacy, we are making the internet a place that scares people. The internet should help empower people with knowledge.